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We have Rooms for people who wanted privacy or who wanted to stay for more than a day or longer. We also have cottages for short-term stay usually for a day or overnight stay. For events and venue, we have Multi-Purpose Function Hall.

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+63 917 787 0576
+63 977 829 8578
+63 922 810 2567
[email protected]
Coral na Bato, San Rafael, Bulacan
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  • Umbrella (beside Hanging Bridge) (10 Pax): 500 PHP
  • Umbrella 2 (beside Cave Pool) (15 Pax): 600 PHP
  • Cubicle (12-15 Pax): 600 PHP
  • Cubicle II (near Whale Pool; 20-25 Pax): 900 PHP
  • Coco Cottage (10 Pax): 800 PHP
  • Wood Stone (20-25 Pax): 1,000 PHP
  • Octagon (30 Pax): 1,000 PHP
  • Riles Type (10 Pax): 700 PHP
  • Ifugao (20 Pax): 800 PHP
  • Tagaytay (12-15 Pax): 900 PHP
  • Modern (10-15 Pax): 1,200 PHP
  • Chimney (15-20 Pax): 1,600 PHP
  • Cave Bar (50-80 Pax): 4,500 PHP (12 Hours)


  • Mini-Hotel - Room for 2 persons
  • Executive - 2 persons for the Room (Up) and 15 persons for the Open Cottage (Down)
  • Volcano House - 6 persons or more; with 2 Electric Fan, Kitchen, Sofa
  • Dormitory - 10 Persons or more with 2 Rooms, Aircon, Ref, Flat TV, Sofa, Kitchen, Gas Stove
  • Full House - 10 Persons, Aircon, Ref, Flat TV, Sofa, Kitchen, Gas Stove

Event Venue

  • Multi-Purpose Function Hall - good for 80 persons; allowed up to 100 persons



We take pride with our own "Cave Pool" but we have different Pools, Slides and Attractions for you and your Family and Friends. For Corporate clients, we have Multi-purpose Hall and Function Room. We have Canteen, Store, Basketball Court, Love Tower, Sky Cycle and others. During Summer, we have additional Attractions and Amenities such as Live Bands/Pool Party, Fire Dancers and more.

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Our Cottages are designed specifically to blend with the environment. Our Cottage types are as follows: Umbrella, Umbrella 2, Cubicle, Cubicle 2, Octagon, Riles Type (Trellis), Ifugao Cottage, Tagaytay Cottage, Wood Stone, Coco Cottage, Modern Cottage, Chimney Cottage and our very own "Cave Bar". We have Rooms for our visitors with privacy and convenience in mind. Our Rooms includes: Mini-Hotel, Executive Room, Volcano House, Dormitory, and Full House.

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Our Rates are very affordable and reasonable because we wanted you to enjoy our Resort and Facilities within your budget range. You can plan your vacation, Team Building or visit ahead of time by checking our Rates to fit within your budget.

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Big Rock Farm Resort
Brgy. Coral na Bato, San Rafael, Bulacan
[email protected]
Coral na Bato, San Rafael, Bulacan
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